Pseudo Social

A huge part of our society is Social Media. For a relatively new phenomena is surprising how engrained it is in our world. Ten years ago if you told someone you were going to check your Facebook they would look at you like you were crazy. Now you’ll get the same reaction if you aren’t signed up for one.

Social media is especially popular with my generation, as we are the most technologically active. As a college freshman almost all my peers and for the most part everyone I interact with has a smart phone and a laptop, and is constantly on one of the two, if not both. Personally, i’m not all that active on social media but I have what I consider the big 3; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. From what I’ve seen these are the most common and popular ones. If someone  has any for of social media chances are it’s at least one if not all 3 of these.

Facebook I don’t use very much anymore, mostly only when I’m really bored and procrastination homework. I mostly use Facebook on my laptop, I’ll have a tab open and just scroll down my news feed.

Twitter I use very often, always on my phone. It’s an easy way to keep up to date with what my my friends are up to.

Instagram I also don’t use all that frequently, always on my phone though. Im mostly on that only when my girlfriend sends me funny videos to watch.

Honestly, there aren’t any functions that i can think of that are missing from any social media cites that I use. They have all been refined and updated to the point that they are almost too clunky, any thing more would be too much in my opinion.
Social media as it is now is the most optimal it has been and will be for the forceable future.


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