PRactical Advice

Comm 240 is an very interesting class taught by a great professor (by the way can I get some extra credit?) As long as you can stay on task and focus on your work you should be fine! However, with that said there is some advice that can come in handy!

Firstly, make sure you stay on top of blogging assignments! Bookmark your blog and set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss any posts! Also don’t forget to do your comments!

Second have a dedicated notebook in which to take notes during lectures. There’s a lot of information and having it all written down will help you study and remember information.

Thirdly, make sure that you keep track of projects you have going on. They are worth a lot of points and you’ll really regret it if you accidentally miss a deadline.

Last but certainly not least make sure you study for tests. Enough said with that one!

With these tips in mind you’ll have no problems in this class.


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