PRactical Advice

Comm 240 is an very interesting class taught by a great professor (by the way can I get some extra credit?) As long as you can stay on task and focus on your work you should be fine! However, with that said there is some advice that can come in handy!

Firstly, make sure you stay on top of blogging assignments! Bookmark your blog and set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss any posts! Also don’t forget to do your comments!

Second have a dedicated notebook in which to take notes during lectures. There’s a lot of information and having it all written down will help you study and remember information.

Thirdly, make sure that you keep track of projects you have going on. They are worth a lot of points and you’ll really regret it if you accidentally miss a deadline.

Last but certainly not least make sure you study for tests. Enough said with that one!

With these tips in mind you’ll have no problems in this class.


Lets Play or Lets Pay?

If video killed the radio star, then IPhones killed the handheld gaming market. Since the release of Apple’s mobile IOS and it’s increase in popularity, playing games on your phone has exploded, good luck finding someone who hasn’t played Angry Birds or Candy Crush. So with the increase of mobile gaming, less and less people now want a handheld gaming system. Every Sony release has preformed sub-par, falling short of expectations. Nintendo’s DS systems are still around, but much less common or popular.  With IOS gaming being the new norm, many companies are trying to make a quick bug, as it’s much easier to release a game for Iphone or Android then it would be for a traditional handheld, like the PSP or DS. Free to play games are everywhere on the app store, adopting the Freemium model, which pushes micro transactions to an extreme

Keeping that in mind, I’ve been hesitant to play free games on the app store, but I was very very bored recently, and decided to take the plunge, downloading a fairly popular and successful game (I think it was an editor’s choice) called Dungeon Boss. In this game you unlock characters that you use to clear dungeons, increasing your overall player level and leveling up your characters in return. There’s a Player verses Player mode as well, in which you set a group of characters to defend your chest of gold, while trying to invade other players and steal theirs. Micro Transactions are advertised and featured prominently, such as the ability to buy gems used for unlocking more heroes with real money instead of earning them by clearing dungeons.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised. The game was well made, with well balanced levels and player verse player. Clearing dungeons was a lot of fun, and you got a sense of accomplishment from defeating the boss that was giving you a hard time. It never felt like you had to put in money to have a good time, being able to unlock power ups and characters just from playing. I would defiantly recommend getting the game to anyone who wanted a quick, fun time waster that’s hard to put down. I actually convinced my non gaming girlfriend to download it, and she’s been enjoying it greatly. Games like this provided real hope for IOS gaming and good implementation of micro-transactions.

Dungeon Boss
Addicting, Well Paced, Good Graphics

Minimal Punctuation

Everyone likes video games. Okay well, maybe not every one, but a lot of people like video games, and I am definitely one of them. More often then not if you ask what I’m up to the answer will just be Xbox. So as a fan of video games and  as it happens also comedy if I’ve got time to kill (or i’m procrastinating, which one is more likely you decide) sometimes I’ll watch the videos of this British born, Australia based critic who goes Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Now as a fair warning, his reviews tend to be very explicit but also very funny at the same time. Yhatzee is well known for his hyper-sarcastic style, poking major fun at flaws and glancing over positives, but there is still quality information to be found. So his most recent review was released just today,  the 28th of October, about the Harmonix hit game Rock Band. So for those of us who have some how managed to black out all of the mid to late 2000’s, Rock Band was on the wave of music simulator games that were all the rage at parties, with the big clunky plastic guitars and the wana be Keith Moon plastic drum sets. Harmonix, the publisher, decided to re release Rock Band for the new generation of counsels to very mixed results. As Yhatzee made a point of in his review, the solo campaign is quite painful if you don’t pay for additional content as all the same songs get reused over and over again.

I find it strange that in this day and age companies think they can get away with trying to gip customers like this. With critics being a major part in the PR cycle, consumers can easily do their research and be well protected from a crappy buy.